Health Issues

Seafood is one of the most nutritious, healthful foods that we can can eat; yet there are varying degrees of risk in eating any food that is in itself made up of components of its environmental exposures and diet.

As seafood purveyors, the safety concern we are most frequently questioned about is the issue of mercury in seafood, so to the left is a link to our essay on mercury that is steadily researched as new findings arise.

That seafood is loaded with vital nutrients is undisputed, but the link between healthy ecosystems, healthy sea life and healthy eating strategies is a subject of focus at Monterey Fish.

Supporting environmental conservation and regulation is key to healthful seafood, but we also encourage the enjoyment of local, bountiful seafood that is sustainably captured, respectfully handled and prepared, and is low on the trophic level, or the seafood chain. Tasty local fish are very good for us, and it's important that we prize them.

Is it a coincidence that healthy fisheries and best fishing practices nurture and sustain the wild bounty that in turn nurtures and sustains us? We don't think so.