Spiny Dogfish

Squalus acanthias (North Atlantic Cape Shark, Dogfish)

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Spiny Dogfish


The United States North Atlantic from Maine to North Carolina



Method of Capture:

Longlines predominantly, as well as gillnets and otter trawls

Sustainability Considerations:

This is a Marine Stewardship Council certified fishery with catch quotas.

Click here to see a Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance You Tube video of Spiny Dogfish being longline caught in the waters off Chatham, MA.

Size Range:

4 to 7 pounds

Flavor and Texture:

Lean white fish, mildly sweet delicious flavor with a firm, flaky texture

Cooking Tips:

fry (this is the fish of Fish and Chips in UK), grill, stew, bake, roast, broil, pan-sear, sauté