Atlantic Cod

Gadus morhua

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atlantic cod


Carolinas to the Gulf of Maine


Year-round, with periodic Federal closures restricting some boats

Method of Capture:

Trawl, and Hook & Line

Sustainability Consideration:

Avoid trawled Atlantic Cod. Trawling can result in bycatch, or the capture of small, untargeted fish. Hook and line is the preferred method because it avoids bycatch.

Size Range:

2 to 25 pounds

Flavor and Texture:

Mild, sweet, clean, with a coarse, large-flake, silky-gelatinous texture that is greatly enhanced by salting, which makes it more firm.

Cooking Tips:

poach, broil, stew, quick-cure and serve "raw", salt & confit

The results of salting open up cooking options because the fish does not fall apart into flakes as easily. This is the fish of brandade.