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Little Things That Make a Big Difference Monterey Fish Market

Oregon Bay Shrimp:
little size, Huge Difference

The difference is that they're the
Marine Stewardship Council's Best Choice
for sustainable shrimp.

This Pink Shrimp is now in season,
so it's available fresh, at the height of quality 
- and at the store for a window of time.

The mid-water otter trawls used to catch the
pink shrimp have highly selective net modifications that prevent by-catch with the utmost of care.
This fishery has earned the first sustainable shrimp certification from the MSC.

For more details, please visit the
Marine Stewardship Council Site by clicking here.


Oregon Bay Shrimp is simply delicious,
refreshing and versatile;
perfect for re-creating Shrimp Classics with ease.

Oregon pink shrimp is gently cleaned and cooked, making it ideal for any meal,
from brunch to lunch to dinner.
Consider Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Louis, Caesar,
or any variation that will complement its
clean, sweet flavor.


We at Monterey Fish want to wish
everyone a Happy Mother's Day

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