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Latest Catch on The Horizon Monterey Fish Market

Spring Weather Patterns are bringing forth seasonal favorites

and we'd like to let you know the moment
they arrive at the store.

Several fisheries are about to open, so here's a list
of what we see on the horizon.

California Halibut:

The hook and line fishery is just starting to bring in
our local California Halibut.

Oregon Bay Shrimp:

We expect our first orders of Seine-caught
Oregon Bay Shrimp to arrive early next week.

Sand Dabs:

Scottish Seine-caught Sand Dabs from the Mr. Morgan out of Half Moon Bay are just starting to come in.

Soft Shell Crabs:

Trap caught out of the Chesapeake, these crabs
will be molting as the bay waters warm.

Black Point, Rhode Island Trap Fish:

The fish harvested via this uniquely sustainable method of trapping, such as Boston Mackerel, Blue Fish and Scups will be at the store in the weeks ahead.

Very Limited California King Salmon:

The Pacific Fishery Management Council
has voted to allow a carefully monitored California commercial salmon season starting July 1st.
There will be Sockeyes, Cohos and Kings from Washington and Alaska.

Live and cooked crabs are still available
through special order.


Salmon Burgers make delicious time-savers,
and they're a new addition to
our prepared foods here at the store.

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