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The Wild Harvest - Monterey Fish Market

The Bounty of Ocean and Land

As Thanksgiving 2011 approaches, we're reminded of the origin of the holiday and the foods unique to the Americas that were harvested and shared. While the Wampanoag cultivated crops, much of their diet was wild foraged, fished, and hunted food.

The practice and tradition of foraging wild foods is thankfully quite alive. Mushroom and wild food expert forager, purveyor and author Connie Green has introduced wild foods of impeccable quality and flavor in her Napa-based Wine Forest line of dried wild mushrooms, flavor-rich savory spice rubs, and delicious, nutty-flavored true wild rice (heirloom Zizania spp) richly laced with porcini mushrooms, now at the store.

Wine Forest wild foods and seasonings

We find this selection of Wine Forest sustainably hand-gathered wild foods beautifully complements seafood.

Wine Forest True Wild Rice and porcini blend

2011Crab Season Opens

Crab fishermen, local wild seafood foragers amongst many,
await the 2012 season green light from the
San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association, and are on standby in ports along the coast, their boats loaded with traps.
We'll have crab as soon as it's possible.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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